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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What is the difference between a Jet Ski, WaveRunner, and SeaDoo?

Each are types of PWC's or Personal Watercrafts. JetSki is the trademarked name for Kawasaki's line of PWC's. WaveRunner is the trademarked name for Yamaha's line of PWC's and SeaDoo is the trademarked name for Bombardier's line of PWC's. Some people commonly think of "Jet Skis" as the standup type of PWC, and the WaveRunner as the sit down type.

Here at Wildwood Waverunners we offer all brand-new Yamaha Waverunners, single rider or double rider with state of the art braking system!

How old do I need to be to rent a Jet Ski/Waverunner?

New Jersey State Law states that a PWC rental business (Wildwood Waverunners) must not rent to anyone under the age of 18 years. This is the person who is going to be the responsible party for signing the rental agreement and the liability waiver. The “renter” must show a valid driver’s license and provide a major credit card. However if the “renter“ choses they can allow anyone 16 years old or older to operate as long as they understand that the “renter” is the person responsible for any damage! All children must ride with a parent (typically 6 years and up depending on size).

How many people can ride on a Waverunner?

Each Waverunner is sized for 2 people, or 500 pounds maximum.

Can we take the Jet Ski/Waverunners anywhere we want?

No!!! New Jersey law requires that any Jet Ski/Waverunner rentals must ride with our highly trained escorts/guides in a designated area (they are there for your safety.) This means that each trip has a personal guide along with them for the duration of your adventure. Please note we do not allow riders to return to the dock during their 45 minute rental to switch operators. You may switch operators (while in the riding area) at the supervisor's discretion.

What is the Escort/ Guide for?

Our guide is there for your safety and to escort you to and from the designated riding area. Once there, our guide will be on hand to provide any assistance that you may need. When your time draws to an end, he’ll lead you back to the dock and assist you with safely docking your ski.

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes, we provide both children and adult size life jackets.

Do I need a Boat License to rent a Jet Ski/ Waverunner in New Jersey?

No, that is why we must have a safe riding area designated for just Jet Ski/ Waverunners. But be sure to have some kind of proper valid ID.

Can I rent a Jet Ski/Waverunner even if I have never driven one before?

Yes, we will fully instruct you on how to operate a Waverunner safely. You will ride in our designated riding area with our trained supervisors/guides at all times. Any questions or concerns just ask and they are there to help!

How fast can I ride my Jet Ski/ Waverunner?

That’s completely up to you! Once you are in riding area you can go full throttle 55+ MPH, but must always operate at safe speed depending on many conditions. One person riding solo vs. 2 people riding on a Waverunner will determine the maximum speed also. You don't have to go fast of course, but if you want to, our exclusive riding area allows enough freedom to keep your machine full-throttle for the entire ride!

Why do I need to leave a deposit?

This is part of the Damage Waiver Agreement that you will need to fill out and sign when you rent from us. Each waverunner requires a $500.00 cash or credit card deposit(sorry no debit cards) in case of damages that you and or someone else causes to our equipment while in your care.

What happens if I damage one of the Waverunners?

That's what the deposit is for, at that time one of our managers will walk you through the process. Your deposit will be held until the actual cost of the repairs has been determined. Commonly it takes a few days to have the unit taken to a the repair shop, at that time the cost of the repairs will be determined, a repair order listing what repairs and parts are needed is written up. A copy of the repair order and some other paper work is prepared and mailed to you, if the repairs cost less than the deposit that was held at that time a refund will be issued for the overpayment.

When is Wildwood Waverunners open for business?

We will be open depending on the weather from Memorial Day Weekend (Late May) to Labor Day weekend (Early Sept.)

How long is each trip and what times are available to rent?

Wildwood Waverunners offers daily rentals starting at 8:30am. Trips depart every hour and all trips last a full 45 minutes. We offer a limited number of trips in May & June so call or check the website for exact trip times.

How do I make a reservation?

The best way is to BOOK ONLINE and see all trip times and availability. This is the best way to guarantee a reservation. Also you may call 609-523-1427 and speak with a reservationist. When calling, please be ready with your contact information, number of rentals, along with an American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover card to hold your reservation.

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